Arts and Letters


Locally, the initiatives of Delta Sigma Theta’s National Commission on Arts and Letters are implemented by  the Arts and Letters Committee of the Nashville Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter. The goal of the Arts and Letters Committee is to advance activities that positively reflect the “black experience” in the area of Arts and Letters and promote the contributions of African-Americans in the arts.   To achieve this goal, the committee sponsor activities such as the Literary Jazz Café and local book signings to spotlight African-American artists that live in the Nashville Metro area. The committee encourages attendance at cultural, social and art events in the community that highlight all forms of African American art.

For more information on these and other programs sponsored by the Nashville Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter, please contact us as or please see our Event Calendar for specific dates and times.

The Nashville Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter offers many programs intended to benefit those living within the chapter service areas, both young and old.